Mike Pence And Top Republicans In Congress Blow Off Trump’s Farewell

Trump wanted a big crowd for his farewell event, but his own vice president and top Republicans in Congress are blowing him off.

Via the CBS Evening News:

Pence took the unusual step of releasing his public schedule early ahead of Trump to ensure that everyone knew that he would be attending the inauguration, not Donald Trump’s farewell event.

Donald Trump still thinks that he can draw a big crowd and soothe his ego with a big crowd of supporters to see him off back to Florida, but it turns out that Trump is radioactive now, and top Republicans want nothing to do with him.

Trump is so diminished that a primetime farewell address to the country was not even an option. He is the first president to have his farewell banished to YouTube.

Donald Trump began his presidency in front of a mostly empty national mall,, and he will end it at what seems like it will be a most empty Andrews Air Force Base as America is sending the message that it is time for Trump to get out.

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