Democrats Officially Take Control Of The Senate As Ossoff, Padilla, And Warnock Are Sworn In

Vice President Kamala Harris officially swore three new Democratic Senators into office, which gave the Democrats the Senate majority.


Chuck Schumer will give his first speech as majority leader today and alerted Senators that there might be a vote as soon as tonight.

As big as Biden‘s win was for the country, the Democrats taking control of the Senate will likely yield immediate results for the American people. Democrats are in charge now. The Senate as a 50/50 split is not always going to be easier, but so many more doors are open to progress that would have been slammed shut if Mitch McConnell kept the Senate majority.

Sen. McConnell is scrambling and afraid that Democrats will nuke the filibuster, but don’t let anyone downplay the significance of Democratic control. Chuck Schumer now decides what gets to the Senate floor for a vote.

After years of Mitch McConnell unilaterally blocking bipartisan legislation because he was afraid it would pass, the Senate is about to become something that the American people haven’t seen in years.

The Senate will become a functional legislative body.

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