Joe Biden Just Fired Trump’s Anti-Union NLRB Lawyer

Joe Biden immediately made it clear that he will be the most pro-union president in years by canning Trump’s anti-union NLRB general counsel.

HuffPo Labor Reporter Dave Jamieson tweeted:

Trump tried to stack the Executive Branch with his loyalists and lackeys, but Joe Biden has immediately shown that he isn’t going to tolerate their potential sabotage of his administration. The Trump loyalists have a choice. They can either resign, or they can be fired.

Joe Biden doesn’t need a silly “deep state” conspiracy or any other nonsense. People like Robb who were placed in high-level positions to undermine the parts of the government that they were supposed to be assisting have no place in the Biden administration.

The previous president was a pretend tough guy who was afraid to fire anyone, but Joe Biden is quickly showing a spine of steel and toughness that has been missing for the last four years.

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