National Archives Will Make All Trump Tweets Publicly Available

The National Archives will make President Donald Trump’s tweets publicly available as part of its plans for the Donald J. Trump Presidential Library website.

“Social media content has been transferred as part of the official records of the Trump Administration. The National Archives is committed to ensuring that these records are preserved and made available to the public following the provisions of the Presidential Records Act (PRA),” the National Archives announced on the library’s website.

The National Archives noted that the website will also include archives from personal social media accounts, noting that since a “number of Trump administration officials, including President Trump, used personal accounts when conducting government business.”

“Individual official account names will remain unchanged. The accounts that were available on January 20, 2021 will continue to be available on their native platforms,” the organization said. “Users who followed the Trump administration’s individual accounts will continue to do so in their archived state. The archived accounts are maintained by the National Archives. For those individual official accounts not available on their native platforms on January 20, 2021, the National Archives will make that social media content publicly available as soon as possible.”

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