Sean Hannity Melts Down And Can’t Handle Joe Biden’s Success

Sean Hannity responded to Biden‘s nearly universally praised inaugural address with a meltdown that showed he is not doing well post-Trump.

Hannity said during his radio show:

I’m going to be very blunt, honest, and objective here,” Hannity said. “It sounded like a student council president acceptance speech! Zero substance. No soaring rhetoric whatsoever. It’s like he half mumbles. I can’t even explain it. He looks tired. I can just see him about now saying, ‘I need a nap.’


The good news for the media, their four-year vacation started today.

Biden didn’t threaten mass carnage and scream his speech while sweating puddles, so according to Sean Hannity, the Biden speech was a fail.

Sean Hannity went from having nightly pillow talk with the president to having to pull his presidential and media criticism out of the Obama era mothballs.

Hannity did make the same sort of comments during the Obama years, but the radio host is clearly in a grumpy mood as he went from having the ear of a president to fighting for ears to listen to his stale ramblings.

Hannity is not taking the loss of his beloved leader well. The Fox host was the biggest cheerleader for Trump on a network lineup that was full of cheerleaders.

As Biden’s success continues, somebody may need to do a wellness check on Sean Hannity.

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