Ted Cruz Showed Up At Biden’s Inauguration After Trying To Overthrow The Government

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) tried to overturn the election and helped to incite the insurrection, and then he showed up at Joe Biden’s inauguration.

Video of Joy Reid expressing outrage at Cruz being there:

Reid said, “I kind of feel a certain way about them being there. Seeing Ted Cruz there. Something kind of blood-boiling about it. These people tried to reverse the election and then show up for the sober ceremony as if they are statesmen. Joe Biden clearly is a much better person than I because I would not have had them there. It doesn’t seem appropriate. Mike Pence was the potential victim of a lynch mob. How do people like, you know, Ted Cruz face him? What do they say to him? He was the potential victim. People were hunting him. Hunting Nancy Pelosi, Speaker Pelosi. Do they even speak to them today? What do they say to them?”

A lesser person would have tossed Ted Cruz out on his ear.

Joe Biden is living his unity message, but Ted Cruz helped to incite the Capitol attack. There is a video of the insurrectionists claiming that they are doing what Cruz wanted as they looted on the Senate floor.
Ted Cruz didn’t belong at the inauguration, and it is galling that he and his fellow Republicans would show up and pretend like today is business as usual.

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