America Celebrates As Democracy Wins And Trump Leaves In Disgrace

Trump managed to threaten America one last time on his way out, but the sight of him leaving DC was a moment of celebration for the nation.

Video of Trump threatening America:

Trump’s farewell remarks were a rehash of the old lies and false statements he has been pushing for four years. Everyone has seen and heard them a million times, and they aren’t worth a moment of further discussion.

The image that the majority of Americans have waited for since Trump took office:

Not only did America get rid of Donald Trump, but they replaced him with his exact opposite. Joe Biden is a competent, intelligent, kind, and dedicated public servant.

Tens of millions of Americans worked tirelessly to make this moment a reality.

There are many reasons to celebrate that a decent person and a decent administration are taking office.

One of the biggest reasons to celebrate is that no matter how hard Donald Trump tried. Democracy worked. Trump lost. He couldn’t overturn the election and was eventually forced to leave office. Not even a man who weaponized the presidency against the system of government was powerful enough to prevail.

Celebrate America. Democracy won, and Donald Trump is finally gone.

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