Biden’s Inaugural Address Draws Millions More Viewers Than Trump’s

Biden’s inaugural address was watched by nearly 2 million more television viewers than tuned in for Donald Trump in 2017.

New York Times media reporter John Koblin tweeted the numbers:

First, Biden beat Trump by millions of votes on election day, and then he beat Trump by millions of viewers on inauguration day.

Biden’s ability to draw better viewership numbers than Trump should once and for all kill the myth that was created by Trump himself that he is must-see television and a ratings draw. President Biden delivered a speech that was met with vast praise by everyone outside of Trump’s largest propagandists.

Joe Biden understands the concept that less is more. The American people don’t want a president who demands their attention 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Biden kept his inaugural address at around twenty minutes, got off the stage, and after a few ceremonial stops, went to work for the American people.

Biden is the president that the majority of Americans chose, and they tuned in to be reminded of what a normal president looks and acts like.

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