Biden to Sign Two Executive Orders on Covid-19 Economic Relief

President Joe Biden will sign two executive orders on Covid-19 relief that aim to provide vital economic relief to Americans weathering the economic freefall caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

The orders will expand food stamps and also ensure that anyone working for the federal government makes at least $15 an hour. These orders will provide a “critical lifeline” to Americans in need, said National Economic Council Director Brian Deese, though he stressed that these orders would not be a “substitute” for a trillion-dollar stimulus package many Americans are depending on.

“The American people can’t afford to wait. So many are hanging on by a thread,” he said.

The order will also ask the Treasury Department to update its process to issue direct payments after a number of qualifying Americans reported issues and delays getting the first two rounds of stimulus checks last year,” according to NBC News.

Republicans are already accusing the Biden administration of spending too much money in the latest round of coronavirus relief, arguing that it comes too soon after Congress approved a $900 billion package at the end of December. They warn the legislation will die before it makes it to the floor if Democrats don’t grant concessions, though Democrats also have the option of using budget reconciliation to pass the stimulus package with only a simple majority.