Mitt Romney Suggests Americans Don’t Need Immediate COVID Relief

Sen. Mitt Romney said that the Senate just passed a $900 billion package so he is not looking for more immediate COVID relief.

Romney said:

The latest jobs report shows that 900,000 filed for unemployment benefits last month. The Senate passed package doesn’t make up for the gap that Republicans created by not acting for six months to pass more aid, much less, deal with the increasing numbers of Americans who are in dire need of assistance.

The Biden administration has taken action, but there is a bipartisan consensus among economists that more aid needs to be passed immediately. Forget Sen. Joe Manchin’s grumbling about $2,000 stimulus checks. Democrats can always pass the stimulus checks with separate legislative action, where they wouldn’t need Manchin’s vote because there are a small number of Republican Senators who support additional stimulus payments. Sen. Manchin won’t derail the entire COVID rescue package over stimulus checks.

Mitt Romney is a very wealthy man, who is totally out of touch with the crisis that millions upon millions of Americans are facing.

President Biden’s yearning for bipartisanship is a nice thought, but Democrats better prepare to act alone to pass Biden’s COVID rescue bill.

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