Opinion: Mike Pompeo’s Attack On Multiculturalism Further Divides America


In case any American was confused about the Republican movement’s vision for America as an Aryan nation, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo made it clear he agrees with loser Trump that there is no room for diversity in America.

On his way out of office serving a white supremacist administration, Pompeo let it be known via his State Department Twitter account that he does not accept America as being made up of several different cultures. Trump’s lap dog said:

“Woke-ism, multiculturalism, all the -isms — they’re not who America is.


It is apparent that Pompeo missed American history classes in primary and secondary school because America has always been a multicultural nation going back to the nation’s founding and continuing today.

Whether it was white men buying and enslaving African natives, or rich white men importing Chinese labor to build their railroads, or white men using Mexican labor on their farms, or any number of different cultural groups tasked with serving the needs of the white race; America has always been a multicultural nation.

It is true that Pompeo, like Trump and his racist acolytes, wish American culture was based solely on evangelical white superiority, but their dream of America as an Aryan nation is just that – a dream. However, it is a dream that Pompeo fostered at the State Department and one Trump founded his entire political campaign on and promoted throughout his catastrophic failure as White House occupant.

That Pompeo had no qualms openly attacking America’s diverse cultural heritage speaks volumes; about his white evangelical ethos and his pandering to the worst segment of America’s populace – Trump’s evangelical white supremacist base.

Multiculturalism is, in fact, who America is” and Pompeo and his ilk cannot comport the concept whatsoever because besides challenging the notion of white supremacy; it was the driving force behind Trump’s attacks on people of color, the LGBTQ community and people who do not subscribe to the authoritarian evangelical religion. 

It is obvious that Pompeo is Hell-bent and duty-bound to continue the biggest loser Trump’s divisive rhetoric pitting his white evangelical supremacists against any American recognizing the value of a diverse cultural population. It was that attempt at sewing discord among America’s diverse population that prompted millions of Americans to become aware of the myriad issues regarding social and racial injustice – what Pompeo referred to as “wokism.” It is also what helped drive Trump out of office because the majority of voters do not embrace the systemic and institutional racism and inequality plaguing America.

That systemic racism as well as nativism driving every one of Trump’s domestic policies is a malignancy on the nation. It is also something President Joseph Biden cited during his Inauguration speech on Tuesday past. And to demonstrate just how much even mentioning the racism and nativism plaguing the United States bothers Republicans, consider what the architect of George W. Bush’s administration had to say.

 After listening to President Biden’s inaugurations speech,  Republican activist Karl Rove said he was offended that the new President addressed the negative impact of embracing nativism and racism. Rove said:

The racism thing to me is — I was offended in the speech. I mean, I thought it was a good speech. It wasn’t a great speech, but it was a good speech and it was the right speech for the moment. But there was a point in there where he said we’re divided as a country between the people who believe in the American ideal [racial and cultural diversity] and racism, nativism and fear. That was an attempt to basically say, if you’re not for me, you’re part of the group that’s, you know, racist and nativist and fear mongering, which I didn’t think was a good note to strike.

Rove also said that President Biden called out racism as a “payoff to the left of the Democratic Party.”

Like Pompeo, Rove knows there is a serious problem in America where Trump (Republican) devotees are willing to rebel against the government to further perpetuate the war on America’s diverse population. The only difference between Pompeo and Rove is that Rove pretends there is not endemic inequality suppressing diversity while Pompeo openly attacks multiculturalism and the population’s newfound awareness that social and racial injustice is institutionalized and systemic.

What both Pompeo and Rove are doing is sending a not-so-subtle message to Trump’s evangelical white supremacist base reassuring them that their intrinsic hatred and deep-seated animosity towards “the other” is justified. Trump may be gone, but the toxic division between decent human beings and hate-driven malcontents is here for the duration; and that should terrify Americans who believe in the ideal that all Americans have value.