Dr. Deborah Birx Says She Was 1 Of 2 People To Regularly Wear A Mask In Trump White House

Dr. Deborah Birx said that she was one of only two people to wear a mask while in the White House. (Dr. Fauci was not there).


Birx said on CBS’s Face The Nation, “There were only two people that regularly wore a mask in the White House. Myself and the support person that I had from HHS.

Face The Nation host Margaret Brennan asked, “So the staff around the president was not wearing a mask? He is the commander in chief. This is a national security risk. How is that possible?”

Birx answered, “I think people believed wrongly that test staying would be adequate…I think they believed testing is the surrogate for public health intervention.”

Dr. Birx was correct. Over and over again, Trump and his administration held events without masks because they claimed that testing at the White House was good enough. The White House suffered 4-6 different COVID outbreaks because Trump refused to impose a mask mandate.

In the first week of the Biden administration, there have been zero cases of the coronavirus among his staff.

Trump is the reason why the nation is in the pandemic hole that it currently finds itself in, and it will be President Biden and congressional Democrats who dig the country out.