Sarah Huckabee Sanders Announces She Will Run for Governor of Arkansas

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who commanded regular news headlines during her tenure in the White House as one of former President Donald Trump’s press secretaries, has announced she will launch a gubernatorial campaign to be governor of the state of Arkansas. Her father, Mike Huckabee, is a former governor in the state. Her run for governor was not unexpected; Trump had talked about the possibility in 2019.

“With the radical left now in control of Washington, your governor is your last line of defense,” Sanders said in an official campaign video. “In fact, your governor must be on the front line. So today I announce my candidacy for governor of Arkansas.”

As governor, I will defend our right to be free of socialism and tyranny, your Second Amendment right to keep your family safe and your freedom of speech and religious liberty,” she continues. “Our state needs a leader with the courage to do what’s right, not what’s political correct or convenient.”

You can watch her campaign video below.

Sanders has published Speaking for Myself: Faith, Freedom and the Fight for Our Lives Inside the Trump White House, a memoir of her time as a working mother at the White House, since leaving the Trump administration. She was known for her combative relationship with reporters and has remained one of the former president’s staunchest defenders.

Sanders was interviewed by the Mueller Special Counsel investigation and raised significant controversy when she admitted that she had spread misinformation as press secretary and had deliberately lied to the American people.

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