Tucker Carlson Doesn’t Think White Supremacists Should be Called Domestic Terrorists

Just a few weeks ago, a mob of Donald Trump supporters stormed the United States Capitol. A number of those participating in the insurrection belonged to militia or white supremacist groups.

The actions of those rioters were completely indefensible. That doesn’t mean, however, that people weren’t going to try. On his Tuesday night show, Tucker Carlson argued that white supremacists shouldn’t be called domestic terrorists.

Carlson began, “We were allowed to believe any religion we wanted to believe even ones that morning Joe doesn’t understand or approve of. We imagine that was the whole point of America, not anymore. Equity and inclusion means that you will believe what they tell you to believe, period. Or else you’re a terrorist and they can hurt you because we hurt terrorists. Listen to America’s new grand inquisitor, Adam Schiff of California.”

The Fox host later continued:

“Got that? Vote the wrong way, and you are a jihadi. You thought you were an American citizen with rights and just a different view. No, you’re a jihadi. And we are going to treat you the way we treated those radicals after 9/11, the way we treated bin Laden. Get in line pal, this is a war on terror. Keep in mind as you listen to people talk like this, and Adam Schiff is far from the only one, keep in mind they’re talking about American citizens. They’re talking about you.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of the Fox News network: