Watch a Stuttering, Flustered Marco Rubio Discuss the Possibility of Being Primaried by Ivanka Trump

During the 2016 primary season, Marco Rubio tried to go toe to toe with Donald Trump. This ended in embarrassing fashion for the Florida senator. Trump even gave him the emasculating nickname, “Little Marco.”

Rather than standing up for himself, the Florida senator became a supporter of the ex-President. The only pushback from Rubio came in the form of vague bible verses.

The Trump family, though, has no interest in rewarding Rubio for his support. In fact, there are rumors that Ivanka Trump may primary him for his seat. Rubio discussed that possibility with Neal Cavuto on Tuesday.

Rubio began the spot by telling the host that it’s hard to know what the political landscape will look like in the years to come. “But again, I’m not going to speculate and get into the political gamemanship. I have an election in 2022 and I don’t even know what I’m going to be thinking about in two or three years. Or what anyone is going to be talking about.”

Cavuto jumped in, “We do know that next year you could be facing a primary challenge. And there’s talk that Ivanka Trump is interested in running against you. What do you think of that?

A now flustered Rubio responded, “But, but, but, who can’t. I mean all of us are elected. Every single one of us can be primaried. Every single one of us can have a primary challenger.”

“But what would you think if it were Ivanka Trump,” countered Cavuto. Rubio answered, “I would, I would, I like Ivanka Trump.”

Watch a clip of the conversation below, courtesy of Fox Business: