71% Of Americans Demand That Republicans Work With Biden

President Biden’s message of unity has struck a chord with the vast majority of Americans as 71% want Republicans in Congress to work with the president.

According to a new Monmouth University poll, “Most Americans (71%) would rather see Republicans in Congress find ways to work together with Biden than to focus on keeping Biden in check (25%). The desire for bipartisan cooperation is higher than it was just after the November election (62%) and includes 41% of Republicans (up from 28% in November) as well as 70% of independents (68%) and 94% of Democrats (92%). The poll finds that 6 in 10 Americans have at least some confidence that Biden will be able to get Washington to be more cooperative, although just 21% are very confident while 39% are somewhat confident. Still, this is slightly better than in November (13% very and 38% somewhat confident).”

There was no call for Democrats to work with the last president because Trump had no interest in bipartisanship. President Biden’s message of unity that has been scoffed at by some progressives is revealing itself to be an effective political tool.

Ending a pandemic and rebuilding the economy are powerfully unifying forces for much of the country. The 29% who oppose bipartisanship are the hardcore Trump base. There is nothing that Joe Biden or any other Democrat could do to persuade them, but Biden does have the ability to mobilize roughly three-quarters of the nation behind him in a message that if Republicans continue their obstructionist ways, the vast majority of the country will oppose them.

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