Oklahoma Is Trying To Get A Refund On $2 Million Worth Of Hydroxychloroquine

Oklahoma Republicans listened to Trump and bought $2 million worth of hydroxychloroquine. Now, they want a refund.The Frontier reported:

The Oklahoma Attorney General’s Office has been tasked with attempting to return a $2 million stockpile of a malaria drug once touted by former President Donald Trump as a way to treat the coronavirus.

In April, Gov. Kevin Stitt, who ordered the hydroxychloroquine purchase, defended it by saying that while it may not be a useful treatment for the coronavirus, the drug had multiple other uses and “that money will not have gone to waste in any respect.”

But nearly a year later the state is trying to offload the drug back to its original supplier, California-based FFF Enterprises, Inc, a private pharmaceutical wholesaler.

That is some happy spin by Gov. Stitt, but the reality is that the state doesn’t need millions of dollars worth of hydroxychloroquine, or else they would not be trying to get a refund on their purchase.

It is a safe assumption that was no refund for believing and an idiot who pushed bogus cures clause in the purchase agreement.

Republicans still haven’t learned that listening to Trump will only cost them in the end.

At least Gov. Stitt didn’t waste $2 million of taxpayer money on medical-grade injectable bleach.

The state of Oklahoma needs a new governor who is smart enough not to take medical advice from Donald Trump.

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