Pelosi Warns That Violent House Republicans Are The Enemy Within

Speaker of the House Pelosi warned that there are House Republicans who want to bring guns on the House floor and are threatening other members of Congress.

Video of Speaker Pelosi:

Speaker Pelosi said at her weekly press conference, “What we are saying is we are going to approach it in a way that will truly protect them. The issues they raised in the letter have by and large been in effect. They may be relieved to hear that. They will hear also from the sergeant at arms today. You will see his letter talking about how their protection is further enhanced by certain initiatives that were taken. As I said, the general is looking to see what really will work in terms of the service here, the service home, the transportation in between. I call to your attention the sergeant at arms letter. There will be more specifics about air marshals, et cetera. This is very, very important. It shouldn’t be — it shouldn’t be that not only is the president of the United States inciting an insurrection but keeps fanning the flame endangering the security of members of Congress to the point that they are even concerned about members in the House Of Representatives being a danger to them.”

Pelosi answered when asked what she meant when she called some Republicans the enemy within, “It means we have members of Congress who want to bring guns on the floor and have threatened violence on other members of Congress.”

The evidence is growing that there are dangerous people in the Republican House caucus, and some of them provided support to the Capitol insurrectionists.

Those Republicans who are threatening violence against their colleagues need to be expelled from the House and criminally charged.

House Republicans who provided aid and support to domestic terrorists must also be criminally charged.

Homeland Security is warning that more attacks are being planned by Trump terrorists.

Beyond securing the Capitol, action must be taken to remove the enemies to democracy who are walking the halls of Congress.

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