Rep. Dina Titus Calls For Marjorie Taylor Greene To Be Removed From Congress

In a series of tweets, Rep. Dana Titus (D-NV) called for Taylor Green to be removed from the House of Representatives.

Rep. Titus tweeted:

Rep. Cori Bush had to move her office away from Rep. Taylor Greene after she and her maskless staff berated her in a hallway.
Multiple members of the House have described Rep. Taylor Greene as a security risk.

Expulsion is not a simple party line. Rep. Greene will have to face a House Ethics Committee investigation, and if the Ethics Committee recommends expulsion, the full House will vote to accept, reject, or alter the committee’s recommendation. It takes a two-thirds vote to expel a member from the House. It is unclear if there are enough Republicans willing to expel Taylor Greene at this time.

The calls for expulsion are getting louder, and for the safety of the House, some action must be taken as soon as possible.

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