Marjorie Taylor Greene Hints At More Violence After Call From Trump

According to Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), Trump called to express his support for her domestic terrorism.

Greene tweeted:

Taylor Greene’s rant went on and on, as she was clearly inspired by the former white supremacist in chief.

Greene later claimed that she was the real victim of the insurrectionists that is suspected of working with, and she wasn’t subtle in suggesting that the real violence is committed by African-American protesters.

Few people are asking for an apology from Taylor Greene. Members of the House say that she is a security risk and want her expelled. The situation is so bad with Greene that Rep. Cori Bush moved her office away from Greene because she was concerned about the safety of her staff.

Trump is egging Greene on, and since Republicans aren’t going to anything about her, law enforcement may have to take steps to get her out of office.

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