New York AG Zeroes In On Trump As Judge Orders Trump Organization To Hand Over Documents

It hasn’t even been two weeks since Donald Trump left office in disgrace, but New York Attorney General Letitia James’ ongoing investigation into the Trump Organization appears to be ramping up.

According to reporting from CNN, “A New York state judge on Friday ordered a tax firm that has worked with former President Donald Trump to turn over more documents to New York Attorney General Letitia James as part of her office’s investigation into the Trump Organization.”

The New York AG’s office has been investigating Trump’s business for nearly two years to determine whether the organization falsely inflated its value in order to get tax breaks and loans.

More from CNN:

The supplemental order is one of several that Manhattan Supreme Court Judge Arthur Engoron has made in the past month requesting that the tax firm Morgan, Lewis & Bockius turn over documents that James’s office has requested as part of its investigation.

Engoron wrote that he privately reviewed documents that Trump’s tax attorney Sheri Dillon at Morgan Lewis & Bockius has to turn over, saying that documents he determined were not privileged be turned over by February 4. 

The impeachment trial could end up being the least of Trump’s concerns

A second Donald Trump impeachment trial in the Senate was officially triggered last week, but that could end up being the least of the ex-president’s concerns.

Outside of the impeachment trial, Trump is under fire from all directions – from the ongoing investigations in New York to possible charges related to his role in the D.C. insurrection to a criminal probe into his plot to steal the election in Georgia.

For four years Donald Trump was protected by the presidency and by a spineless Republican Party who refused to hold him accountable. As a private citizen, his crimes may finally be catching up with him.

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