South Carolina Republicans Censure Congressman Who Voted To Impeach Trump

Rep. Tom Rice voted to impeach Donald Trump for a second time, and the South Carolina Republican Party has censured him for standing up for democracy.

Meg Kinnard of the AP tweeted:

The Republican Party is still a Trump cult.

Members of Congress who have voted for impeachment have been punished by their home state parties.

Rep. Rice said at the time of Trump’s second impeachment, “For him to sit there and watch TV, and watch these policemen being beaten up, and the Capitol being stormed, and not to be very aggressive about … getting out there and trying to speak to these people himself, is just beyond my imagination.”

The message being sent by state Republican Parties is that they are the Trump party, and there is no room for clear-headed thinking or defending America in Trump’s party. Republicans are sending the message that they want fewer patriots are more terrorists like Marjorie Taylor Greene in their party.

Rep. Rice is a red state conservative, but there is no room for conservatism in Donald Trump’s cult. Even out of office, Trump is still wrecking the Republican Party.

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Rep. Tom Rice censured by South Carolina GOP
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