Senate Democrats Aren’t Interested In The GOP’s Bogus Stimulus Offer

Senate Democrats say the $600 billion COVID stimulus offer from 10 Republican Senators isn’t worth wasting time on.

Jeff Stein of The Washington Post tweeted:

The Republican proposal is less than one-third of the size of the Biden proposal. It is not a serious offer. Republicans are offering pennies when the nation needs dollars. The Republican proposal offers no funding to state and local governments, no increase in the minimum wage, and cuts to unemployment benefits, and stimulus checks.

The Biden administration said that they will take a look at the proposal, but Senate Majority Leader Schumer is ready to start advancing the Biden proposal on Tuesday, so if Senate Democrats have no interest in the proposal, it will die a quick death.

The Democrats don’t need to play these games anymore. The White House can talk to these Senate Republicans if they choose to do so, but the power is with Chuck Schumer and the Senate Democrats, and they appear to have decided that they are ready to move forward without Republican votes.

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