Megyn Kelly Twitter Dragged After Falsely Claiming Pete Buttigieg Wasn’t First Openly Gay Man Confirmed to a Cabinet Post

When Megyn Kelly was terminated by NBC in January of 2019, the network still had to pay her tens of millions of dollars. While the former Fox News host claims to have plenty of broadcasting opportunities, she currently seems content to post wildly unpopular opinions on Twitter.

The journalist has grown increasingly Trumpian over the years. On Tuesday, Kelly was triggered by an NBC News tweet that referred to Pete Buttigieg as the first openly gay man to be confirmed for a cabinet post.

Kelly responded to the now-deleted post, “More fake news from NBC. Congrats to Richard Grenell and Donald Trump for actually breaking the barrier. Nice to see someone else walking the path they paved.”

Of course, Kelly was wrong in her criticism. Grenell did briefly serve as Trump’s Director of National Intelligence, he only did so in an “acting” capacity. Like many people in the Trump Administration, he had little chance of being confirmed by the Senate.

Lawfare’s Susan Hennessey corrected Kelly, writing, “Grenell was never confirmed, nor was he ever even nominated, to a position in the presidential cabinet. I don’t know if he was the first ever openly gay acting member of the cabinet. He may have been, which itself would break a barrier. But NBC’s tweet is not ‘fake news,’ but rather a factually and contextually accurate statement on the occasion of a historic confirmation vote.”

Author Allison Winn Scotch also weighed in, tweeting, “It is truly sad how quickly you move to diminish what is inarguably a groundbreaking accomplishment by Pete Buttigieg. And for what? Twitter likes? You know that Grenell was never confirmed, and if you don’t, you shouldn’t have the platform that you do.”