Lou Dobbs Asks Why Trump Would Respond to “Evil and Sinister” Impeachment Trial

Donald Trump has a lot of supporters in conservative cable news, but few defend the ex-President more than Lou Dobbs.

The Fox Business host welcomed Trump lawyer David Schoen onto his program Wednesday to discuss the upcoming impeachment hearings.

Referring to the trial as “evil nonsense,” Dobbs asked, “Why is the president even responding to this?”

Schoen answered, “I think that the former president believes that this process is ongoing. He understands the appearance to the American public of the process. He believes in the sanctity of the Constitution of the United States. He believes firmly and correctly the Constitution’s being violated here, but he intends to stand up then through his lawyers.”

Dobbs jumped in, “It does not honor the Constitution if you permit others to violate the Constitution. This is enabling! This is giving permission and approval to the Dems to proceed with this awful fraud on the Constitution. On the American people.”

Later in the segment, the Fox Business host ranted, “Why in the world would you put the former president in the position of having to rely on the judgment of complicit RINOs and a gutless Republican leadership that honors what is clearly an unconstitutional process and subjects a private citizen to it? Where is it to end if you honor this sinister process?”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of the Fox Business channel: