Pelosi Torches Kevin McCarthy For Handing The GOP Over To Marjorie Taylor Greene

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi put out a press release referring to Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy as (Q-CA).

Pelosi’s blasted McCarthy for handing the Republican Party over to Marjorie Taylor Greene:

After several conversations and literally running away from reporters, Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (Q-CA) made clear that he is refusing to take action against conspiracy theorist Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene. As a result, the House will continue with a vote to strip Greene of her seat on the esteemed House Committee on Education & Labor and House Committee on Budget. McCarthy’s failure to lead his party effectively hands the keys over to Greene – an anti-Semite, QAnon adherent and 9/11 Truther.


McCarthy’s cowardly refusal to deal with Greene breaks with calls from Senator Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, Rep. Adam Kinzinger, the Republican Jewish Coalition and several prominent members of the party to take action against Greene.

As No 2. Senate Republican John Thune warned Tuesday, McCarthy has chosen to make House Republicans “the party of conspiracy theories and QAnon” and Rep. Greene is in the driver’s seat.


Speaker Pelosi was correct. McCarthy is well on his way to making the same mistake that John Boehner made. Boehner allowed the Tea Party to run wild because he wanted to be Speaker, but the House Majority that he oversaw was a divided mess that was at war with him and wanted him gone.

McCarthy and House Republicans are afraid of Greene, and they will not win back the House majority in 2022 by becoming the party of Qanon.


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