Biden Masterfully Traps Republicans As Majority Of GOP Supports Stimulus

A new survey shows that 53% of Republicans support President Biden’s stimulus plan, and his proposals all have broad bipartisan support.

The American Rescue Plan is supported by majorities of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents, according to Navigator Research:

Each of President Biden’s individual proposals in the American Rescue Plan ranges 79% support for paid family sick leave through September and helping people who lost their work-based insurance pay their insurance premiums to 78% for $1,400 stimulus checks to 60% for raising the federal minimum wage to $15/hour.

Nothing in Biden’s plan gets less than 60% support. If Democrats were to tweak with some details it would be on the minimum and expanded unemployment benefits because those are the two least popular proposals, but both are at least 60% support.

President Biden has pinned down Republicans. Even their own voters support this stimulus plan.

Biden has given Democrats something to run on in 2022, and a weapon to use against every House and Senate Republican who votes against this plan.

The Executive Branch is once again making policy. They are also using shrewd and savvy political moves. It doesn’t reflect with the partisan cynics in Congress, but President Joe Biden is building a national bipartisan coalition and delivering on his promise to unite America.

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