Marjorie Taylor Greene Kicked Off Of Committees By Both Republicans And Democrats

Multiple House Republicans joined with Democrats in voting to remove Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene from all of her committee assignments.

The final vote was 230-199.

11 House Republicans voted to kick Greene out of her committee assignments:

The rule to the resolution passed on a party-line vote earlier on Thursday, but when it came time to take action against Greene at least 11 House Republicans stood up and had the courage to reject the elevation of a Qanon conspiracy theorist who is under investigation for providing aid and support to the insurrectionists who attacked the Capitol.

It is not surprising that so few House Republicans joined with their colleagues in kicking Greene off of the committees that she had been assigned to. Republicans have been moving toward becoming a fringe extremist party for nearly 15 years.

Majorie Taylor Greene will not have the elevated profile that comes with serving on committees. She won’t have the platform of hearings to spout her conspiracy theories. Greene also won’t have accomplishments to tout to the voters back home.

There is still a looming floor vote on her expulsion from the House, but it requires a two-thirds majority to expel her, and the profile in cowardice that is the House Republican caucus will likely refuse to remove a potential domestic terrorist from their side of the aisle.

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