New Poll Shows Republican Support For Donald Trump is Plummeting

Donald Trump wields an enormous amount of power over the Republican party.  The power doesn’t stem from his ability as a politician or his oration abilities. The GOP cedes power to Donald Trump because his supporters are incredibly fervent.

The actions of many Republican lawmakers following the November election showed just how scared they were of encountering Trump’s wrath. The ice began to thaw, though, when the 45th president lost his ability to use Twitter.

And following the January insurrection, support for Trump among Republicans is plummeting. A recent survey conducted by Echelon Insights showed that Trump’s popularity from GOP voters has dropped by 20% since December.

In the survey, 45% of Republicans said they would like to see Trump be the candidate for their party in 2024. Just two months ago, this number stood at 65%.

While 21% of voters wanted Trump to be convicted and impeached, 30% of Republicans want to see him banned from ever holding office again.

And while Trump would certainly like to run for president again in 2024, his path to the Republican nomination might not be so easy.

While Trump is still the favorite candidate among Republican voters, his lead has dipped to only 7 points. When college educated Republicans were asked, a different candidate than Trump is preferred by 15%.

Also in the mix for potential 2024 candidates were Mike Pence, Ted Cruz, Donald Trump Jr. and Nikki Haley.

You can find the full results of the poll here