Pelosi Rips Republicans For Not Protecting The House By Removing Marjorie Taylor Greene

Speaker Pelosi said that Democrats will act because Republicans refuse to protect the House by removing Marjorie Taylor Greene from committees.


Speaker Pelosi said, “In terms of acknowledging the threat from within, I remain profoundly concerned about house Republican leadership acceptance of extreme conspiracy theorists, their eagerness to reward a Qanon adherent, a 9/11 truther, a harasser of school shooting victims, and to give them valued committee positions, including who could imagine they would put such a person on the education committee. The House will vote to remove Representative Greene from her positions. It’s unfortunate. You would think that the Republican leadership in the Congress would have some sense of responsibility to this institution. As they did when they did not seek Representative King of Iowa. For some reason, they have chosen not to go down that path, even though we gave Mr. Hoyer — Mr. Hoyer gave leader McCarthy sufficient notice this is a path we would follow.”

McCarthy has tried to claim that this is a Democratic power grab. The House Minority Leader is trying to make political gains by supporting a person who is being investigated for aiding the insurrection and the attack on the Capitol.

Multiple members of the House have expressed concerns about the security risks posed by Greene.

Instead of raising her profile in the House, Democrats are taking action to make sure that is not given a platform to destabilize Congress from within.

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