Tucker Carlson: You Shouldn’t Fight Domestic Terrorism Because It Will Just Create More Domestic Terrorists

For years Tucker Carlson was telling his audience that white nationalism doesn’t exist. The Fox News host even continued to make this argument after his top writer, Blake Neff, resigned over racist and misogynistic remarks he had made.

The prime-time news personality has also done his best to play down the January 6th attack on the Capitol.

Carlson told his viewers in mid-January, “You know what that was, and you also know what it wasn’t. It was not an act of racism. It was not an insurrection. It wasn’t an armed invasion by a brigade of dangerous white supremacists. It wasn’t. Those are lies.”

The Fox host has also argued that domestic terrorism isn’t a real threat to the United States. He makes this pitch despite that fact that FBI Director Christopher Wray has told lawmakers:

“What I can tell you is that, within the domestic terrorism bucket category as a whole, racially-motivated violent extremism is, I think, the biggest bucket within that larger group, and within the racially-motivated violent extremists bucket, people subscribing to some kind of white supremacist-type ideology is certainly the biggest chunk of that.”


Still Carlson said on his Thursday show that fighting domestic terrorism will only create more terrorists. “Well, they’re creating extremists, just as we did in Iraq. They’re creating — they’re making it a dead certainty that somebody is gonna be driven into total lunacy and do something terrible. I mean, they are making people crazy. And dramatically elevating the chance that something really awful is going to happen. And I’m upset about it, I think we all should be.”