Virginia Democrats Have a Plan to Rid the Post Office of Louis DeJoy

When Joe Biden took office, a number of Trump appointees left the United States government. Those who weren’t willing to leave were fired by the incoming president.

Getting rid of Louis DeJoy, the Postmaster General, was not so easy. DeJoy gained infamy over the summer by slowing down the mail in what looked like an attempt to depress mail-in voting.

It is not as easy to get rid of DeJoy, however. That task would fall to the Postal Service Board of Governors. Donald Trump had stacked that body with loyalists while he was still in power. 

Virginia Rep. Donald McEachin is encouraging the board to remove DeJoy. The congressman also wrote a letter to Joe Biden urging the president to replace board members who aren’t willing to rid themselves of the Postmaster General. 

McEachin said of the state of the post office over the last year:

Due to ongoing mismanagement, this American institution has been stretched to its limits, leading to transportation challenges, staff shortages and unacceptable delivery times across the country.”

Virginia’s Richmond Times Dispatch noted, “DeJoy imposed a series operational cutbacks that McEachin blamed for a breakdown in service that resulted in just 64% of first-class mail being delivered on time in late December and just 55.1% in the Richmond Postal District, compared with 90% last spring. Late deliveries also affected priority mail, including prescription medications.”

McEachin also has the backing of Virginia Senator Mark Warner. Warner agreed that board members who wouldn’t replace DeJoy should be replaced. He also told reporters, “It is a travesty what has happened to the Postal Service.