Trump Spent his most of his cable ad budget on Fox and Biden won

Fox News Humiliates Itself By Criticizing Biden For Flying On Air Force One

Fox News is trying to gin up outrage over the vaccinated President Biden flying to Delaware on Air Force One. wrote:

President Biden is expected to travel to Delaware this weekend, in what will be his first out-of-town trip since taking office, despite warnings from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention to avoid travel.

The CDC’s guidance this week said that “travel increases your chance of spreading and getting COVID-19,” and recommended “that you do not travel at this time.”

Fox goes on to later admit in their own story that the CDC guidelines state that people should not travel unless it is two weeks after their second dose of the vaccine.

President Biden had his second dose of the vaccine three weeks ago.

Fox News said nothing on any of its platforms when the unvaccinated former president was running around the country frantically holding superspreader rallies.

The weak attempt at creating outrage toward Biden is embarrassing for Fox News. Without their Trump crutch, Fox News has seen its ratings plummet to the lowest point in 20 years. Fox is now third in the ratings behind CNN and MSNBC.

Fox News is trying to go back to their old playbook of division and rage to bring the ratings back, but the problem is that Biden isn’t giving them anything to be angry about. The Biden agenda has bipartisan popularity, so Fox Nas been reduced to embarrassing itself by inventing controversy to avoid their looming irrelevancy.

Embracing Donald Trump may have killed Fox News.

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