56% Of Americans Want Trump. Barred From Holding Federal Office Which Means His Career Is Over

The fact that 56% of Americans want Trump convicted and barred from holding federal office is a strong indicator that Trump has no political future.

According to a new ABC News poll:

But in this latest poll, 56% of Americans say Trump should be convicted and barred from holding office again, and 43% say he should not be.


Support for conviction among Republicans was low in the latest ABC News/Ipsos poll, but slightly higher than it was ahead of Trump’s first Senate impeachment trial. In the January 2020 ABC News/Washington Post poll, 9% of Republicans said the Senate should vote to remove Trump from office. In this new poll, 15% of Republicans say they support the Senate convicting and barring Trump from office.

Among Democrats, support for Trump’s conviction is nearly universal in the ABC News/Ipsos poll, with 92% in favor. Independents mirror the full population, with 54% in support of the Senate convicting Trump and prohibiting him from holding office, and 45% against.

Trump is openly plotting his political comeback in 2024, but the data suggests that his support has become even more restricted to the Republican Party. Trump has gone from unpopular to being a toxic plague that a majority of Americans don’t want holding any federal office.

The number in the poll that is worth paying attention to beyond the 56% is 43%. Forty-three percent has been Trump’s high-end baseline for support for five years. Republicans are still catering and defending a man who if he runs again for federal office will sink their party and cause more losses.

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