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Opinion: Mitch McConnell Is The GOP Cancer, Not Marjorie Taylor Greene

Pundits and commentators alike generally portray Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell as an astute politician and highly-skilled Republican leader – a characterization he revels in. However, when he lambasted newly defrocked freshman Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene for her “looney lies” McConnell claimed were a “cancer on the GOP,” he was covering up his own malignant leadership throughout Trump’s catastrophic tenure in the White House.

Most sane human beings comprehend that Greene, a full-on lunatic enamored with conspiracy theories with no basis in fact, is serving as surrogate for Donald Trump. Everything about the woman reeks of Trump whether it is spreading unfounded conspiracies and lies to playing the victim when her deranged comments that caused her removal from committee assignments were brought to light.

In fact, like Trump, Greene is a typical evangelical poseur who screams persecution when they are prevented from forcing their beliefs on the rest of the population. But this little screed is not about Greene; it is about why she found favor with voters who almost certainly supported dirty Donald Trump.


When McConnell said regarding Greene:

Loony lies and conspiracy theories are cancer for the Republican Party and our country.

Somebody who’s suggested that perhaps no airplane hit the Pentagon on 9/11, that horrifying school shootings were pre-staged, and that the Clintons crashed JFK Jr.’s airplane is not living in reality. This has nothing to do with the challenges facing American families or the robust debates on substance that can strengthen our party.”

Let’s be perfectly clear; McConnell is absolutely right that “looney lies and conspiracy theories are cancer” for the country. But Greene’s bizarre statements are no different than the “looney lies and conspiracy theories” promoted by Trump and tacitly endorsed by McConnell and his congressional Republican underlings.

If McConnell had reined in Trump from the start of his catastrophic tenure in the White House, a maniac like Greene would still be sitting in church glued to her smartphone trolling right-wing lunatic sites for batshit conspiracy theories she could spread on somewhat legitimate social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.

Instead of smacking the mendacious and racist inclinations off Trump’s treacherous face, McConnell sat idly by and allowed a bonafide madman to unleash evangelical fanatics, a deadly plague, and racist fascists on the nation. And, even after supporting Trump’s xenophobic inclinations and corrupt administration for three years, McConnell joined Trump’s legal defense team instead of exorcising the dirty traitor from the White House when he had a perfect opportunity – during Trump’s first impeachment


It is fair to state that everything Trump plagued America with over the course of his disastrous act as leader of the Executive Branch, is McConnell’s doing. Of course he had valuable assistance from most of the malignant Republican Party, but as de facto party leader he was perfectly happy to allow Trump to act out like a banana republic dictator with no allegiance to the party or the country McConnell claimed was plagued with cancer from the likes of Representative Greene.

Make no mistake, Marjorie Taylor Greene is ill-suited to hold a seat in the House of Representatives, but she is only in a place she has no right visiting, much less working in, because McConnell and the Republican Party stood solidly behind Greene’s mentor-in-chief Trump.

It is unclear who “Moscow” Mitch McConnell is terrified of whether it is Trump, Vladimir Putin, or his constituents who are just as looney as Greene and Trump for reelecting an enabler like McConnell. And his claim that Greene’s beliefs are cancer for the GOP and prevents Republicans from addressing “the challenges facing American families” is a giant pile of male bovine excrement. Republicans willfully aided Trump’s assault on American families whether it was turning a blind eye to inhumane treatment of immigrants, promoting violence against people of color, or purposely ignoring a deadly pandemic that has killed over 460,427 Americans and counting, or allowing Trump to incite a rebellion against the United States

by never contradicting his claim that the election was stolen.

It is fitting that Donald Trump’s legacy will be that of a massive failure; of that there is little disagreement. But because McConnell moved the proverbial Heaven and Earth in support of every vile action and crime committed by Trump, his legacy will not be as an astute Republican politician. He will go down as the enabler-in-chief for his fealty to a malignant narcissist who spawned the cancer that is Marjorie Taylor Greene and the current crop of Republican Party fascists.


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