In Spanish Language Ad, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Slams GOP on QAnon

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) has released a new Spanish language political ad criticizing the GOP for allowing the QAnon conspiracy theory to fester within its ranks and further excoriating Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene for her incendiary behavior.

The ad is the DCCC’s first six-figure Spanish language ad buy of the 2022 campaign cycle and marks a significant effort to tie Republicans to the conspiracy theorists they’ve failed to condemn even when faced with the risk of violence. Many QAanon believers were among the group of former President Donald Trump‘s supporters who breached the United States Capitol last month, spurred by Trump’s repeated falsehoods about the 2020 general election.

In Congress, Greene has continued to push conspiracy theories and was recently stripped of her committee assignments, effectively neutering her regulatory power in Congress. Calls to expel Greene entirely continue to mount. She has faced considerable criticism for spreading conspiracy theories about school shootings and for calling for the execution of prominent Democrats.

“QAnon, a conspiracy theory born online. Sent QAnon followers like Marjorie Taylor Greene to Congress that attacked the Capitol and murdered a cop,” one of the DCCC’s ads states. “Then Republicans like David Valadao voted to support Marjorie Taylor Greene, letting QAnon win. Congressman David Valadao should have stood with us. David Valadao stood with Q, not you.”

You can watch one of the ads below.