Ivanka Trump And Jared Kushner Corruption Exposed As They Made Up To $640 Million In Income Working At The White House

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner claimed that they were working for free in the White House, but while in the administration, they made up to $640 million.

CREW investigated the Trump/Kushner financial disclosures and found:

Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump reported between $172 million and $640 million in outside income while working in the White House, according to an analysis of financial disclosures by CREW. It is impossible to tell the exact amount as the income is sometimes reported in broad ranges and cover four months of income before Ivanka Trump officially joined her father’s administration and nearly one month before Jared Kushner joined.

Both Kushner and Trump announced they would not take a salary while working for the government in an attempt to shut down nepotism concerns. While their supporters marked this as a public sacrifice, the massive amount of money they made on the side undercuts that argument, as government salaries would have been less than 1% of their income.

Trump and Kushner used their positions in the administration to make a fortune. They were not unpaid public servants serving the country. They were people who used their platform as part of a presidential administration to further enrich themselves.

The American people would have been better served if Trump and Kushner would have taken salaries and been bound by the rules that govern federal employees. The reason why didn’t was because making money off of the presidency was always the goal.

Now that the Trumps are gone, the American people can finally get an accounting of how vast and profound their corruption was, and Congress needs to act to make sure that it can never happen again.
No wonder Ivanka Trump cried when her dad left office. Trump had 640 million reasons to want a second term.

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