Mick Mulvaney: There’s No Chance Trump Can Be Stopped From Running Again

Donald Trump has been the face of the Republican party for the last 5 years. And if the ex-president gets his way, he will be the face of the GOP for many years to come.

Republicans who don’t want Trump to be a part of party’s future, they do have a chance to stop him. If the 45th president was convicted during his impeachment trial, he would be barred from running for office in the future.

During a recent interview, former Trump Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney said there is no chance of this happening. He told Sky News Australia, “There’s absolutely no chance that Donald Trump will be convicted in this Senate trial, no chance that he will be disqualified from further office. They can’t remove him from the White House because he’s already left.”

The former South Carolina congressman continued, “I  will say this, it’ll be a little disappointing, given the gravity of the events of January 6, that there hasn’t been a more thorough investigation of the issue…It looks more and more like a political show trial than it does like an ordinary trial with evidence and decision making.”

Despite those comments, Mulvaney was critical of the former president’s actions during the insurrection. “It’s hard to put your finger on one particular emotion be it shame or embarrassment, frustration, disappointment, but clearly some his most ardent supporters of the president, and I was one… were extraordinarily disappointed and saddened by the president’s behaviour during the riots itself. He did not come out strong enough against the rioters while the events were taking place.”