Trump’s Impeachment Team Refuses To Call Him A Former President

The core of Donald Trump’s impeachment defense is that he’s a private citizen, making it unconstitutional for the U.S. Senate to move forward with a trial.

The only problem with that argument is that the same team of lawyers are also refusing to recognize that Trump lost the election and is a former president, not the current occupant of the Oval Office.

As Dave Weigel of The Washington Post noted on Monday after the ex-president’s legal team released a statement, “The Trump office’s insistence on never calling him ‘former’ president while screaming that he’s a private citizen is genuinely funny. How many private citizens have official seals[?]”

Weigel went on to explain the great lengths to which Trump’s defense team goes to not refer to him as the former president of the United States.

Trump’s fragile ego is undercutting his defense team’s argument

If Donald Trump’s legal team really wanted to lean in on its “private citizen” impeachment defense, then they would repeatedly refer to him as a former president.

But as conservative commentator Bill Kristol said on Monday, Trump’s ego is standing in the way of that strategy.

“Trump’s vanity requires it to be ‘President Donald J. Trump’s legal team,'” Kristol said.  “Trump’s defense strategy requires him to be merely ‘a private citizen.'”

It’s no surprise that Donald Trump struggled to find any lawyers willing to represent him in the Senate impeachment trial.

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