WATCH: Fox News’ Rachel Campos-Duffy Blames Michelle Obama for COVID School Closings

Joe Biden became president in mid-January and since that moment Fox has been on the attack. Of course, two of Biden’s first initiatives are getting vaccines out quicker and sending COVID relief to American citizens.

Those two ideas are very popular among both Democrats and Republicans. So while Fox can’t hit Biden on that. The network has decided, instead, to focus on school districts that have closed due to the pandemic.

Fox’s Rachel Campos-Duffy talked about the matter with Harris Faulkner. And the correspondent made some wild claims.

Because Joe Biden and the Democrat [sic] Party are beholden to the teachers unions,” Campos-Duffy began. “They have way too much power. They are holding families and children hostage. Frankly, they’re holding the entire country hostage.”

We’re talking about people’s childhoods!” she continued. “Joe Biden has been useless on this. And there are two other people who have been useless in the face of this strong-arming by the unions and that is Michelle and Barack Obama, who are, you know, the honored, you know, most famous citizens of Chicago.”

Campos-Duffy ended her rant:

“They have not been shy about stepping into politics. Not just presidential politics but Michelle Obama used her powerful platform in defense of children who came here illegally at the border with the so-called cages that, in fact, her husband built. So she’s not afraid to weigh in on behalf of children who are not American citizens. But she has done nothing — and same with her husband and same with Joe Biden — in defense of the children of Chicago and of this country who are beholden and held hostage to the unions.”