Dominion Says It Has Hired Private Investigators to Pursue Sidney Powell Across State Lines

In the months after Donald Trump’s election loss, many of the ex-president’s supporters attempted to find arguments that could overturn the results. And one of those main targets became Dominion voting machines.

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The lawyers for Trump claimed that the voting machines had been rigged to count more votes by Biden. Sidney Powell really took this lie to the next level by adding long deceased Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez to the conspiracy theory.

Shortly afterwards, team Trump decided that Powell was too unhinged for even them and distanced themselves from her. The lawyer, however, continued to peddle her tales cable news programs.

A few weeks back, Dominion filed a massive suit which included Powell. According to lawyers for the voting machine company, they haven’t been able to find her.

In a document submitted to the court, Dominion said, “Powell refused to respond to requests from Plaintiffs’ counsel about executing waivers of service of process. Powell evaded service of process for weeks, forcing Dominion to incur unnecessary expenses for extraordinary measures to effect service, including hiring private investigators and pursuing Powell across state lines.”

Some figures have responded to the suit. Rudy Giuliani has complained that it may ruin him. Networks like Fox and OAN have run retractions and apology segments. Powell, though, has not publicly responded.

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