Joe Biden won't watch Trump's trial

Joe Biden Is Too Busy Being President To Watch Trump’s Impeachment Trial

Last updated on July 18th, 2023 at 12:31 pm

President Joe Biden was asked once again if he is going to be watching Trump’s impeachment trial and the President made it clear that he has better things to do.


Biden said, “I am not. Look I told you before I tell people that I have a job. My job is to keep people. We have already lost over 450,000 people and we could lose a whole lot more if we don’t act and act decisively and quickly. A lot of people, as I have said before, children are going to bed hungry. A lot of families are food insecure. They are in trouble. That’s my job. The Senate has their job and they are about to begin it and I am sure they are going to conduct themselves well. And that’s all I am going to have to say about impeachment.”

The White House Press Corps keeps asking the Biden administration about impeachment, and they always get the same answer. The President and the White House have better things to do than to waste their time sitting around watching Trump’s second impeachment trial.

Joe Biden doesn’t care about Trump’s trial. That is the job of the US Senate, not the President Of The United States.

The Beltway media is having a difficult time adjusting to the fact that the nation now has a president who wants to do his job instead of sitting in front of the TV and tweeting.

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