Fox News Cut Away From Impeachment Trial When Explosive New Insurrection Footage Was Being Shown

Over the last two days, House impeachment managers have laid out a devastating case against Donald Trump. And a big part of the success of that case has been video footage.

On Wednesday, new video was presented from the insurrection and it was quite damning. It is unlikely, however, to change the mind of Republican voters who watch Fox News. The network cut away shortly before the footage was shown.

The Daily Beasts Justin Baragona writes, “Fox News is now pre-empting the House impeachment trial — which is currently featuring Democrats introducing chilling never-before-seen footage from the insurrectionist riot — so they can air The Five, which includes Jeanine Pirro today.”

Jimmy Kimmel also weighed in, but tweeting, “This impeachment trial (which is incredibly powerful) is live on ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, etc, etc – guess which “News” channel isn’t carrying it?”

Fox competitor Rachel Maddow had an interesting theory on why some Republican senators were so affected by the footage. Regarding James Lankford’s reaction, she tweeted:

“Occurs to me now that those of us who’ve covered this story, and the public who’ve followed coverage of it, have seen some (but certainly not all) this footage before. GOP Senators who mostly or exclusively consume conservative media really might be seeing it for the first time. Thinking of it particularly because Fox News Channel has not been taking the trial today. There will be a disconnect between GOP Senators seeing all this stuff, and their base voters whose news today was, like, culture war stuff about the NBA or the War on Christmas or whatever.”