Democrats are using Trump's own tweets as evidence against him

Democrats Just Devastatingly Used Trump’s Tweets As Evidence Against Him At Impeachment Trial

Democratic House impeachment managers are using Trump’s tweets as evidence against him at his second impeachment trial.

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Rep. Raskin said:

This is about holding accountable the person singularly responsible for inciting the attack. Let’s start with December 12th. You will see during this trial a man who praised and encouraged and cultivated violence. We have just begun to fight. More than a month after the election has taken place. And that’s before the second million Maga March, a rally that ended in serious violence and even the burning of a church. And as the president forecast, it was only the beginning.

On December 19th, 18 days before January 6th, he told his base about where the battle would be that they would fight next. January 6th would be wild, he promised. Be there. We’ll be wild said the President Of The United States of America. And that, too, turned out to be true. You’ll see in the days that followed Donald Trump continued to aggressively promote January 6th to his followers. The event was scheduled at the precise time that congress would be meeting in joint session to count the electoral college votes and to finalize the 2020 presidential election.

In fact, in the days leading up to the attack, you’ll learn that there were countless social media post, news stories, and most importantly credible reports from the FBI and capitol police that thousands gathering for the president’s save America March were violent, organized with weapons, and were targeting the Capitol. This mob got organized so openly because, as they would later scream in these halls, and as they posted on forums before the attack, they were sent here by the president.

The evidence that the House Democrats are presenting is devastating. They are connecting the dots and showing that Trump planted the seeds for the attack on the Capitol long before January 6. The riot is one of the reasons why hundreds of thousands of Republicans have left the Republican Party since the attack.

Any Republican who votes not to convict Trump will expose themselves as an enemy of democracy who is betraying their oath of office.

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