WATCH: New Footage Shows That Capitol Hero Eugene Goodman Saved Mitt Romney’s Life

In the days following the January 6th insurrection, a number of different videos emerged. Most of them were horrific, with scenes of Trump supporters beating and attacking Capitol police officers.

Other videos, though, showed the heroism of the officers who were under siege. One of these officers, Eugene Goodman was seen single-handedley leading rioters away from lawmakers.

The next time Americans saw Goodman was on January 21st as he escorted Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and their spouses to the inauguration. The police officer had been promoted to Deputy Senate Sergeant-at-Arms.

During Wednesday’s hearing, new footage was shown of the insurrection. And this new footage showed yet another display of Goodman’s heroism. During the chaos, Senator Mitt Romney was headed right towards the rioters. He was turned around by Officer Goodman.

Phillip Lewis from the Huffpost shared the video, writing, “Whoa: Eugene Goodman ran into Mitt Romney in the hallway and told him to turn around and get to safety, as the mob entered the building, in new footage. Romney was going to run DIRECTLY into the rioters.”

And Romney himself reacted to the newly found footage. Lewis continued, “Mitt Romney told reporters he hadn’t realized he’d come so close to the mob, and was looking forward to thanking Officer Goodman now that he knows it was him who steered him to safety.”