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Mike Pence Gets His Revenge By Letting It Be Known That Trump’s Impeachment Lawyers Are Lying

Sources close to former Vice President Pence said that Trump’s impeachment lawyers were lying when they said that Trump didn’t know that Pence was in danger during the Capitol attack.

Video of CNN‘s Jim Acosta:

Acosta reported:

That was a moment that stood out for a lot of people when Michael van Der Veen said during this impeachment trial today that at no point did Donald Trump know Mike pence was in danger on January 6th when he was rushed out of the danger by Secret Service, that’s not the case. We know that’s not the case.

I talked with a close source to the president that said that is not the case or that is not true. When I asked whether or not Michael van Der Veen was lying when he said that during this trial, this source close to the vice president said yes. Now, I will tell you, Anderson, aides to the former vice president are fuming over President Trump’s actions that day. They believe he did not do enough to make sure that vice president pence and his family were safe as they were essentially being rushed from danger on that day and it sounds as though because of what Michael van Der Veen said, there are lingering hard feelings and maybe some of those are hardening tonight.

People close to Pence are still livid with Trump for his behavior and if people close to the former VP aren’t happy, it is a safe bet that Pence is also not pleased. Pence is going to run for the Republican nomination in 2024, so he isn’t going to publicly burn Trump and his supporters, but he can get revenge by making sure that word gets out that Trump and his lawyers lied at the impeachment trial.

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