House Republicans Drop Bombshell That Trump Supported And Facilitated Capitol Attack

Several House Republicans have gone on the record and said that Trump facilitated and supported the attack on the Capitol.

CNN reported that refused to stop the attack when asked to do so by House Republicans:

According to CNN:

McCarthy called Trump pleading for him to stop the rioters.

I’ve spoken to multiple Republican members at the House who have knowledge of that call, who tell us that after Trump tried to say to Kevin these are not my people, it’s Antifa, Kevin McCarthy said to Trump no, it’s not Antifa these are your people.

After he said that Trump said to Mccarthy, quote, “Well, Kevin, I guess these people are more upset about the election than you are.”

House Republicans also described Trump as happy and facilitating the Capitol attack by failing to act.


Via CNN:

I just want to add the Republican members that I spoke to Trump’s failure to act immediately after Mccarthy spoke to him shows he was not a blameless innocent observer. Another Republican member said to me that the call speaks clearly to Trump’s intent.

“This proves that the president knew very early on what the mob was doing and he knew members were at risk and he refused to act. It’s a violation of his oath of office to fail to come to the defense of congress and the constitutional process immediately. This shows that Trump knew what the rioters were doing, that he supported it, and that he facilitated it by failing to act.”

This is a bombshell that dropped on the eve of the Senate vote on the impeachment article against Trump.

House Republicans are speaking on the record because a minority of them believe that Trump is a danger to the country. A large number of Senate Republicans are so afraid of Trump that they will still vote to not convict him even though there is first-hand evidence from inside their own party that Trump facilitated and supported an attempt to overthrow the government.

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