Trump Lawyers Play Manipulated Video Of Democrats In Lie Filled Impeachment Defense

Trump’s lawyers claimed that House impeachment managers took Trump out of context then played manipulated video of Democrats

Trump lawyer David Schoen argued that Democrats manipulated footage of Trump, “Let me say this clearly — we have reason to believe the house managers manipulated evidence and selectively edited footage.”

Twenty minutes later Schoen played a heavily and selectively edited manipulated video package of Democrats saying the word fight:

Trump’s impeachment defense has been to pull from the standard Trump playbook of lies, false equivalencies, and denial of any responsibility. Republican Senators who ignored the House managers’ meticulous presentation of their case have been sitting in attention and absorbing all of the Trump lies and talking points.

Throughout his presidency, Trump would claim that any damaging evidence of his behavior was fake. The trend is continuing throughout his impeachment defense. Trump is attacking the evidence against him because he has no argument to dispute that he spent months inciting a mob, and instructed them to attack the Capitol.

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