CNN Calls Out Impeachment Hypocrite Mitch McConnell For The World To See

CNN wasn’t letting Mitch McConnell have it both ways on impeachment as the network showed a graphic calling out his hypocrisy while he spoke.

These were the graphics beneath McConnell while he was speaking after he voted not to convict Trump:

mcconnell impeachment
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cnn mcconnell
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McConnell isn’t fooling anyone with his claims that Trump hasn’t gotten away with anything yet. Sen. McConnell knows that Trump is toxic to his chances of winning back the Senate majority in 2022, so he tried to condemn Trump while voting to acquit him.

As CNN pointed out, that’s not the way the process works. History won’t remember Mitch McConnell’s attempt to cover his tracks with a speech after the vote, but he will forever be known for a vote not to convict a president who tried to overthrow the US government.

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CNN McConnell impeachment hypocricy
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