Senate can call witnesses at Trump's trial

Senate Votes 55-45 To Call Witnesses In Trump’s Impeachment Trial

Last updated on February 14th, 2021 at 03:03 pm

Five Senate Republicans joined with Democrats in voting to call witnesses in Trump’s impeachment trial, as things just got real.

The final vote was 55-45, with Sens. Romney, Murkowski, Collins, Graham, and Sasse voting for witnesses.

Here is the video of the final vote total:

Lindsey Graham voted yes because he wants to flood the trial with witnesses for Trump. According to NBC News, Graham thinks that he will be a defense asset by voting yes.

None of this was expected. At the close of the trial on Friday, it was assumed that it would wrap up with a final vote on Saturday.

The CNN bombshell from House Republicans about Trump’s support and facilitation of the attack, along with his refusal to call off the attack when begged by House Republicans, potentially changed some minds and extended the trial into a more in-depth investigation.

The Senate will now debate and vote on subpoenaing individual witnesses. It is not a guarantee that the American people will see witnesses, but the scope of the trial has expanded, and Donald Trump could be called to testify under oath.

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